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Special Offer: Russian Translations $40/month

We will translate your correspondence with one person for one month for a flat fee $40! Offer limited to 500 words/day (15,000 words a month!). Extra words at usual price $0.01/word. This offer is valid till February, 14, 2006.


  1. comparison of adjectives. We often use adjectives—words that modify nouns—to make comparisons. We say That building is bigger than this one, She is the most intelligent student in the class, and so on. Some adjectives add -er and -est to form the comparative and superlative degrees. Others cannot do this, but must be preceded by more and most. How can you know which is which? Fortunately, there are some simple rules you can follow. Adjectives that have one syllable usually take -er and -est. Adjectives that have two syllables and end in y (early), ow (narrow), and le (gentle), can also take -er and -est. Almost all other adjectives with two or more syllables require the use of more and most. The rules are indicated in the chart below:


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